HTPC Concept

HTPC A good site on HTPC. Review, tips and pictures of home made HTPCs.
myHTPC - France French site about HTPCs. Has tutorials, files, etc. Interesting site in german. Picture galery of self-made HTPCs. Large discussion forum.
Rolling Your Own Windows PC-TV/Home Theater System Article explaining what you need to build your own HTPC
How to build a PC for TV Experiences shared about building a PC for the living room.

Noise prevention

Silent PC Review Nice site about... silent computing, in english
PC Silencieux Good site in french, about silent PCs

Other projects

OM-HTPC 2 Very esthetic low profile PC, based on an EPIA solution. Self made case, passive cooling. Nice site in german.
bit2art HTPC Very impressive home made HTPC (case, harware, software). This guy is a perfectionist. Nice site in german.


Meedio One of the best front ends around, supported by a large community. Very active forum.
TVedia Nice front end intended mainly for XCard owners.


Modasylum Good site on modds of all sorts. Includes a forum.